We’re constantly searching for new breweries and trying the newest mixes from the industry veterans. What we taste and like, we bring to you as the Week’s Special. What you taste and like gets a spot in the permanent menu.

Csíki Sör, our house beer

From Sânsimion, Harghita. Quintessentially Transylvanian, this is a local love brand and our official house beer.
Draught beers: Csíki Sör lager, Csíki Sör IPA, Csíki Sör brown and, depending on the season, Csíki Sör Blueberry and Csíki Sör Raspberry.


Made right here in Brașov by our pal Rareș. 100% natural ingredients and water from our local natural springs.
Mustață Albă, Mustață IPA și Mustață French Amber Ale

Hop Hooligans

They take pride in only brewing the beers they want to drink themselves. And they never stop exploring which makes them the most prolific of the bunch.
Croud Control, Sencha and Summer Punch


Made in Măneciu, Ungureni since 2013. Named after the strong and elusive Romanian Bearded Eagle they are the pioneers of craft beer in Romania.
Draught beers: Zaganu IPA si nefiltrata. Bottled beers: Zaganu lager, bruna, rosie si Adonis.

Ground Zero

First craft beer studio started in a Bucharest garage in 2015. Today at 22.000 liters capacity, still going strong, independent and dedicated. Imperial Fuck and Morning Glory


Inspired by Bucharest’s legends and history, these newcomers are our favorite pick out of the new craft wave. Terente Lupanar and Fortul 13


Straight from Cluj-Napoca, crazy crafts that defy the kutuma (custom in Romanian) and are all about exploration of taste and mix and texture.
Bottle beer: Zarva and Dambla.